Could Google Glass Hurt Your Eyes? A Harvard Vision Scientist And Project Glass Advisor Responds

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google appear at th...

They approached me before they really got started because they knew that safety and comfort were going to be important parts of their project, Peli said in an email. All told, the results we see so far are encouraging. The head-mounted displays I have worked with prior to this one have been just thatdisplays where you could play videos or computer games. Glass is designed for interaction and communication, which is what people want. Peli said that Glass has a more advanced design for safety and comfort than any of the previous head-mounted displays Ive evaluated. He noted that the glasses have a very minimal impact on the wearers field of vision, so that there was little chance of Glass putting a wearer at physical risk of bumping into objects. Theories about potentially serious consequences likeconfusion or disorientation were raised in the media and had echoes in the literature in the 1990s, butthey were associated with virtual reality type displays that completely enclosed the viewer, Peli wrote.
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Recent Study Shows People Who Have Cataract Surgery Live Longer, and Renowned Eye Surgeon Dr. Stewart Shofner Support the Findings

Vision loss from advanced dry AMD cannot be prevented. But taking certain dietary supplements may help stabilize the disease in some patients. One large study has shown that taking high doses of the antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein, and zeaxanthin, along with zinc may help slow AMD progression in cases of: Intermediate AMD High risk of progressing to advanced AMD Advanced AMD in just one eye However, this regimen did not prevent AMD onset or slow its progression in early-stage disease. Steps to Prevent AMD These preventive steps may help keep AMD at bay: Eat more leafy green vegetables and fish.
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Detecting Eye Diseases and Conditions

Typically covered by insurance, cataract surgery allows immediate vision improvement for up close and distance vision without glasses by using Intraocular lenses like Crystalens. About Shofner Vision Center Dr. Stewart Shofner at Shofner Vision Center, Nashville, TN specializes in Cataract Vision Correction Surgery. Dr. Shofner has performed over 10,000 cataract surgeries in Nashville/Middle Tennessee area.
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